These open baths are availalbe in a choice of three materials:
Transparent acrylic - ideal for applications requiring good visibility Polyphenylene oxide (PPO) - an economical alternative to stainless steel, these modified polyphenylene oxide baths are thermally resistant up to 100°C and deliver exceptional temperature performance with operational savings. Temperatures are maintained from ambient plus 13°C to 100°C. Stainless steel - rugged and corrosion-resistant for high-temperature applications.
Thermo Scientific refrigerated circulators feature a stainless steel resevoir offered in a range of sizes, depths and openings to meet your application needs. With capacities from 5L to 30L, these units offer recessed handles and drain port opening at the front for operator convenience. The advanced ventilation design allows two sides of the bath to be blocked and still deliver full refrigeration performance without affecting the equipment.
These units offer tight control of cooling capacities. Builit-in energy-saving features limit power consumption for efficeint operation, and the thermostats can be indexed 90° on all four sides of the bath.
PPO Bath는 많은 시료를 넣고 편리하게 실험을 할 수 있도록 설계된 Open 타입 항온조입니다. Polyphenyleneoxide 재질을 사용하여 가볍고 상대적으로 가격이 저렴한 경제적인 모델입니다.
Open-Baths 종류
Polyphenylene Oxide(PPO) Baths : max.temp 100℃
Polyacrylic Baths : max.temp 60℃- 투명 Bath
Stainless Steel Bath : max.temp 200℃-일반적인 Bath
Heater Capacity - C Line Circulator : 1500W
- DC Line Circulator : 2000W
DIN 75201과 ISO 6452/2000 Standard에 표준화된 장비
Fogging behavior DIN 75201-R (Reflectometer Value)
Fogging behavior DIN 75201-G (Gravimetric Method)
Reliable, easy-to-use chillers optimised for the most demanding applications.
- Innovatiove Platform
- Superior Performance
- Ease of Use
- Configurable to Meet Application Needs
Typical Applications:
- laser
- packaging
- university
- research
- analytical instrumentation
- medical equipment
HX 시리즈는 냉각을 필요로 하는 장치에 있어 냉매을 이용하여 열 교환되어진 coolant 를 순환시키는 냉각시스템으로서 무기물질, 유기물질, 부식물등의 다양한 오염물질에 의한 문제점을 해결하였으며 특히 순환수의 온도, 유량, 압력등이 정확히 컨트롤되어지는 장점을 이용하여 반도체 제조공정에 가장 널리 보급되어 있는 모델입니다.
NESLAB HX Series of Process Chillers The NESLAB HX Series Process Chillers provide you with years of reliable cooling for your critical process applications.
HX Series +5°C to +35°C
Typical applications:
- test equipment
- military applications
- lasers
- s-ray
- mass spectrometers
- diffusion and cryo pumps
- blister packaging
- semi-conductors
- reactor vessels
- CT
- sputtering
- lineal accelerators
- printing
- injection moulding
HAAKE Flow-Through / Immersion Cooler는 공랭식 압축 쿨링 방식을 사용하여 최저 -90도까지 사용이 가능합니다. 이 장비는 각종 실험의 반응열 제거, 온도조절등 보조냉각장치로써 여러 가지 온도 컨트롤에 사용할 수 있습니다.
These coolers are equipped with an air-cooled cooling circuit and are suitable for individual cooling applications:
for cooling smaller volumes down to -90℃
for removing reaction heater or
for replacing tap water cooling